Peel performance comparison to our 3211 automotive grade AFT

The 5200 LSE series create a strong bond to a broad range of substrates. Not only do they give premium bonding to high surface energy substrates (metals, ceramics, prime layers), but they are also particularly suitable for adhesion to plastics. The graph below gives an overview of the peel strength of our 5211 LSE, and our 3211 series adhesive on a variety of substrates.



The Olympic 5000 LSE Series is specifically designed for Low Surface Energy substrates such as TPOs, many plastics, and powder-coated paint surfaces. It achieves these excellent bonding properties thanks to our chemical engineering, allowing for solid adhesion to difficult substrates.

5200 Low Surface Energy (LSE)

General characteristics

Our 5200 LSE is specifically designed for maximum bonding to the most difficult of LSE substrates, i.e. polypropylenes, powder coated surfaces.

The 5200 is a patented and highly foamed, modified acrylic. The unique soft core provides good shock absorption and excellent contact to mismatched surfaces.


  • White
  • Grey

Available thickness

0.50 - 1.50 mm

Industry alternatives

No industry alternatives

Olympic’s 5000 Low Surface Energy (LSE) Series works in a variety of sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
    Building & Construction
  • Electronics / LED
    Electronics / LED
Pricelist - 5000 Sample

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